Metaplan Consultants

The offices of Metaplan Consultants are located in France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

At the sites in Versailles, Quickborn, Karlskrona, Zurich and Princeton the back office is located. The Metaplan consultants work there mostly for pre-and post their projects.

Metaplan consultants Germany (Metaplan Germany)
1972 Metaplan was founded in Quickborn near Hamburg

Metaplan consultants France (Metaplan France)
Since 1985 Metaplan working successfully in France in Versailles near Paris

Metaplan Sweden
Since 1990 Metaplan working successfully in Sweden in Karlskrona

Metaplan consultant Switzerland (Metaplan Switzerland)
Since 2011 Metaplan works in Zurich, Switzerland

Metaplan Consultant USA (Metaplan USA)
Since 2001 Metaplan working successfully in Princeton New Jersey